Why Outsource

Reduce staffing costs

It might be quite easier and affordable for larger organisations to maintain in-house payroll departments/personnel however, this option is probably not advisable for the average business. Think about this question: how many hours are devoted by your employees to payroll-related activities?

Cut on hidden expenses

Software maintenance, support and annual staff training are a few of the various hidden costs you encounter while keeping an in-house solution. And these costs can run into thousands as time goes by. By outsourcing, you would no longer need to spend in these areas.

Improved productivity

Payroll management is a tedious activity. With this burden removed, your employees can concentrate on more effective things and with that, you may even be able to cut down your workforce. Ask yourself if this time spent on payroll could be better utilized in other areas? Is it adding value to your business?

We keep you compliant

Mistakes in payroll could be very painful and frustrating, especially if they involve HMRC. Being experts in the field with powerful software and an efficient processing model, Direct Payroll will minimise the risk and act as your agent in handling HMRC queries and communications.


In-house payroll activities ought to be as reliable as the people doing the work. With Direct Payroll, output speed and quality will not shift due to vacations, illnesses and keeping updated. Likewise, you will not have to spend time helping new employees understand your business’s payroll system.
Consider this: what will you do in the event that your payroll staff walks out on you or become sick during crucial reporting periods?


We are experts in our field with immense resources at our disposal and consequently, we can process even the most complex payrolls in a short timeframe.

Security and Backups

The fact that salaries, payroll data and reports are among the most sensitive parts of a workplace, it makes sense to keep them secure. Furthermore by outsourcing payroll services, a regular off-site backup is included, which is something that is expensive and hard to handle when performed in-house. What would happen should your computer crashed or your server got damaged? Have you got 6 years of data kept in case of an audit?

Peace of mind

Outsourcing payroll services bring lots of comfort to a business owner or manager- No hassles, no headaches. All you are left with is to pay attention to running a successful business.

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How does our payroll service Work?

How we work

For reliable, affordable and fast outsourced payroll services, consider Direct Payroll. No surprise more UK companies are choosing us. We work laterally with our clients offering them convenient payroll solutions which makes them become more efficient and at the same time, save them money. Click here and read what some of our customers say about us.


I was hesitant in changing my payroll provider part way through the year but the process was very smooth and stress-free. Direct Payroll took care of everything and ensured an easy transition. I am very impressed with the speed and accuracy of their service, they usually process our payroll and send all payslips to my employees within 48 hours of receiving all the information.

We have been outsourcing our monthly payroll to Direct Payroll for a number of years now and could not be happier with their services. Our agent is very friendly and professional, ready to answer any question or doubt we may have. I particularly find very useful the online client area on their website where I can access reports and payslips when I need them. I would recommend Direct Payroll as a first point of contact to any organisation contemplating outsourcing their payroll.

We used to run our weekly payroll in-house, this started to take up a lot of our time and it was a constant headaches to keep up with all the regulatory changes and ensuring our employees got paid on time. Outsourcing our payroll to Direct Payroll was the best decision ever, their fees are excellent value for money, we should have done it earlier!

Our staging date was fast approaching when we contacted Direct Payroll. They evaluated our workforce payroll and were able to recommend a suitable pension provider that met our needs. The payroll is always on time and accurate, very happy with their service!

Working with Direct Payroll has helped us to significantly reduce our payroll related costs. In addition to this, knowing that they would deal with any HMRC query gives us great peace of mind. Their Payroll Masterfile is very intuitive and easy to use, I like the option to be able to send all the data online as I am often out and about.

Running our monthly payroll for 150 employees used to be a very tedious activity which took a lot of resources from our business. Outsourcing to Direct Payroll was the right decision and we could not be happier with their professional and friendly services. Highly recommended!

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