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Simplify directors’ payroll services with our expert services in London. Direct Payroll Services is a premier provider of outsourced payroll services and offers a raft of solutions for directors and their businesses. Our services include full electronic payslips, handling deductions and filing, and liaising with accountants.

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Our payroll services include comprehensive calculations, ensuring all income tax and National Insurance deductions are accurately accounted for. We will email you detailed payslips and handle all HMRC returns on your behalf. Additionally, we provide thorough reports for your records and pay period, available to you and your chosen third-party accountant.

We confirm HMRC payments each month and remind you of the payment deadlines. At the end of the year, we process all necessary documentation and email your P60 directly to you. Should you need any assistance, we offer telephone and email support whenever required.

In addition to our extensive services for director’s payroll schemes, we provide expert advice on automatic enrolment duties. For single-director limited businesses, we ensure you are exempt from these duties and remain compliant. If you appoint additional directors or recruit employees, we help you adapt to your new automatic enrolment obligations. We provide support and advice to help you select the right pension provider and set up your pension scheme.

Whether it’s making tax digital, managing dividend payments, or navigating the tax year, we are dedicated to offering you the best methods for handling payroll for both directors and employees.

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Why Choose Us for Directors' Payroll Services?

For director payroll services, get in touch, here at Direct Payroll Services we can ensure a payroll service that is friendly, professional and reliable. Our director solutions are versatile and collaborative, and we are known for being reliable, affordable and efficient. We are also industry-leading and work with the best software to make sure we provide a service that saves both time and money. Our director payroll solutions have got all your needs covered, get in touch today.

Why Is this service important?

Many other directors choose to receive a PAYE salary up to their tax-free allowance, or up to director’s National Insurance contribution limit, and then take the rest as dividends from the business. Direct Payroll Services can help you to navigate this complexity, as well as handle National Insurance calculations on your behalf.

However you choose to be paid, regularly or intermittently, your HMRC contributions need to be accurate and timely – we will make sure that you never fall behind and that you are compliant with HMRC regulations at all times. As your business grows, you may choose to alter your payment schedule – we have the flexibility and agility to handle changes to the processes and payments as required.

How We Help

Outsourcing director payroll services offers substantial benefits, enabling you to focus on strategic business activities instead of payroll management. This approach not only saves time but also reduces costs associated with processing payroll in-house. Professional payroll providers bring specialised expertise, ensuring compliance with HMRC regulations and accurate calculations for tax and National Insurance contributions specifically for directors.

Additionally, outsourcing payroll for directors provides remarkable flexibility, managing changes in payment schedules efficiently and adapting to evolving automatic enrolment obligations. Comprehensive support is available via telephone and email, offering directors peace of mind and immediate assistance when needed. Detailed monthly reports and year-end processing, including P60s and payslips, are emailed directly, keeping directors well-informed and organised. Compliance assurance is also a critical component, ensuring directors stay up-to-date with HMRC requirements and receive timely reminders for payment deadlines, thus avoiding any regulatory issues.

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What are the benefits of using Direct Payroll Services?

Benefits include time-saving, professional expertise, flexibility, comprehensive support, detailed reporting, and assurance of compliance with HMRC requirements.

Telephone and email support are available whenever needed, ensuring you have assistance with any payroll-related queries.

They offer expert advice on automatic enrolment duties, ensuring single director limited businesses are exempt where applicable and helping adapt to changes when new directors or employees are appointed.