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Find out why two-thirds of UK accountants outsource their payroll services. Direct Payroll Services helps improve your offering with our expert services, increasing profits and market reach by bundling payroll. We offer direct client contact or white-labelled services for maximum flexibility, giving you plenty of control over your operations.

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Why Do Accountants Outsource?

Many accountancy practices lack the expertise or time to handle payroll requests or bundle our services with their own to provide a full accountancy and payroll package. The benefits are the same as for our direct clients.

Accountants get access to a dedicated team of payroll specialists, meaning they don’t need to stay on top of the complicated and ever-evolving legislative terrain. This also means they avoid late filing charges, training costs, and software or hardware investment, making it cost-effective.

Auto-enrolment is a pervasive issue, and we have the skills and knowledge to handle it without issue. Thus, accountants can better focus on their core business practice and higher-margin, greater value-added services.

Why us ?

Why Choose us for payroll for accountants?

Choosing Direct Payroll Services for payroll needs offers numerous benefits. Our dedicated payroll specialists ensure compliance with complex and evolving legislation, making the process seamless and worry-free. This cost-effective service eliminates the need for training, software, hardware, or IT support costs. It enhances efficiency, allowing accountants to focus on core business activities and higher-value services. We provide flexibility with both direct client support and white-label services. Comprehensive services cover all payroll needs from weekly transactions to year-end reporting and auto-enrolment pension schemes.

Payroll Services for Accountants

Accountant practices can use our services to supplement their offering and deal with the clients themselves, or we can act as their payroll department using their branding and email address for communication.

Either way, we offer a completely outsourced, bespoke service that addresses all the payroll needs of the end client and pay period – from weekly or monthly transactions to year-end reporting and auto-enrolment pension scheme services. In essence, we will work with you to ensure that your client’s payroll has the perfect solution to suit their requirements.

Payroll Outsourcing

Regarding payroll processing for accountants, Direct Payroll Services offers a range of accountancy payroll services. Our outsourced service can cover your requirements—payroll data, payroll software, employee details, and holiday pay. Should you be looking for a payroll service to process payroll, our team can help; we cover all of the key features.

There’s no need to worry about payroll software for accountants; we offer a full client management service for accountants and employees. We have worked with many payroll clients over the years and can assist pension providers and payroll bureaus. So, if you are an accountant running payroll and need help, our user-friendly processing payroll outsourcing for accounting experts has covered you.

Beyond accountants, we also work with care companies, small businesses, and other niche markets to achieve fantastic results.

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What specific payroll tasks does Direct Payroll Services handle for accountants?

Direct Payroll Services handles various tasks, including calculating employee wages, managing tax withholdings, processing direct deposits, generating payslips, filing payroll taxes with HMRC, and ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations.

Yes, Direct Payroll Services is equipped to handle payroll for clients with complex needs, such as multiple pay rates, varied deductions, and benefits administration. Their systems and expertise ensure that even the most intricate payroll requirements are managed efficiently and accurately.

Direct Payroll Services continuously monitors payroll and tax legislation changes to ensure compliance. Their team of experts updates their systems and processes accordingly, ensuring that all payroll activities adhere to the latest legal requirements.