About us

About Us

Making Payroll Services Simple

Direct Payroll Services is an expert provider of payroll services in London. Whether you need assistance with outsourcing, directors’ payroll, or other matters, we’re here to help.

Our services are designed to offer everything you need, with specialist services for small businesses, CIS clients, and directors. We’re outsourcing experts with vast experience in streamlining and simplifying payroll.

Why us ?

Strategic Services for Businesses

We work hard for every client, regardless of business size and turnover. Our fantastic services are trusted by clients and these are just some of the reasons to choose us:

Helping You Achieve Success

Our first-class services are tailored to you, and we aim for you to succeed. Our key benefits above help us achieve this, and we particularly focus on the following.


Compliance Assurance

Our team ensures all payroll processes comply with HMRC regulations, reducing business legal risks.


Customised Solutions

We offer tailored payroll services for small to large enterprises to meet specific business needs.

Find Your Partner for comprehensive Payroll Services

Call our team of experts to discuss the payroll solutions we provide clients.