Simplify Director’s Payroll

Full advice and support processing payroll for directors of a limited company

  • Full payroll calculations with electronic payslips
  • All deductions dealt with and filed correctly
  • Payroll reporting available to both the director and the accountant of choice 

Payroll for directors of a limited company can be a complicated affair

Many directors choose to receive a PAYE salary up to their tax-free allowance, or up to their National Insurance contribution limit, and then take the rest as dividends from the business. Direct Payroll Services can help you to navigate this complexity, as well as handle National Insurance calculations on your behalf.

However you choose to be paid, regularly or intermittently, your HMRC contributions need to be accurate and timely – we will make sure that you never fall behind and that you are compliant with HMRC regulations at all times. As your business grows, you may choose to alter your payment schedule – we have the flexibility and agility to handle changes to the processes and payments as required.

Our services for Directors Payroll include:

  • Payroll calculations
  • Income tax and National Insurance deductions
  • Payslips emailed to you
  • HMRC returns completed
  • Reports for your records, provided to both you and the third-party/accountant of your choice
  • HMRC payment confirmations on a monthly basis, as well as a payment deadline reminder
  • Year-end processing
  • P60 emailed to you
  • Telephone and/or email support whenever it is needed

Alongside our comprehensive services for director payroll, we also offer expert advice on auto-enrolment. Single director limited businesses are typically exempt – we will make sure that this is the case for you and ensure that you are compliant. Additional director appointments or employee recruitment will affect your auto-enrolment position, which we can help you to adapt to: through support and advice, to help you find the right pension provider for you and set up your pension scheme.

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Outsourcing your payroll is an easy way to improve the efficiency of your business. As one of your most critical processes, it’s essential that your payroll always runs smoothly.