Payroll Services For Small Businesses

Leverage our decades of experience to streamline your payroll

  • Focus on your business by handing over a time-consuming process
  • Ensure you are compliant and avoid HMRC issues
  • Services that grow alongside your business

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Small businesses can sometimes be the most reluctant to take advantage of a managed payroll service

As your business grows, you have probably taken on the responsibility of running the payroll yourself and feel that you have a reasonable grasp on it.

Unfortunately, without training, expertise and an in-house payroll department, you can quickly find yourself breaking rules that you might not even have heard of. Not only that, but as the business demands change and personnel begin to work overtime, vary their hours, transition to new roles or leave the company, you can soon find yourself spending more and more time on the payroll. From trying to get used to using payroll software, accounting software and online payroll services – you will consequently spend less time on the day-to-day running of your core business operations. For more information on our payroll services cost, get in touch with our team today.

Moving to Direct Payroll Services is a very cost-effective way of taking a complicated, time-consuming task off your plate and gives you the peace of mind that you are compliant with all of the constantly evolving regulations and laws.

Our Payroll for Small Business Solutions Include:

  • Onboarding new staff and HR services
  • Finding and setting up a pension plan that works for you
  • Auto-enrolment
  • Distributing payslips
  • Dealing with HMRC queries and communications
  • Managing director payroll and payroll tax obligations
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Direct Payroll Services is a London-based payroll service dedicated to easing the burden of payroll management for small business owners in the UK. Our cloud-based payroll software, coupled with our HMRC-recognised payroll software, provides a comprehensive and fully managed payroll service solution. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness, which is why we offer one of the most affordable payroll service costs in the industry, enabling you to save valuable time and resources. With our user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly run payroll, outsource payroll, and even manage payroll taxes with confidence. Trust Direct Payroll Services to help you pay taxes accurately and on time while you focus on growing your business.

If you are a small business looking to outsource payroll services for the first time, or maybe you’re an accountant looking for payroll services, or you are unhappy with your current outsourced payroll providers, then get in touch today. When it comes to running payroll, as a new payroll provider we can streamline the process and our focus on client satisfaction means that you will always be happy with the services that we provide.

Fully Managed Payroll Service for Small Businesses

Here at Direct Payroll Services, we want to increase the effectiveness of both your business and payroll processing. We provide completely managed and professional payroll services for small businesses that are delivered in a way that is seamless and integrates with your company. Our completely managed payroll outsourcing services and payroll specialists are experts when it comes to small businesses and will ensure that the procedure is trustworthy and hassle-free as a reputable payroll company. Our team is the one to contact when you need payroll services for small businesses and your dedicated account manager team will provide you with the most professional services for your payroll data, no matter how many employees you have.

Why is Small Business Payroll Important?

Small businesses need outsourced payroll services for several reasons:

  • Compliance with tax laws: In the UK, all employers are required by law to deduct income tax and National Insurance contributions (NICs) from their employee’s wages and report these deductions to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Failing to comply with these requirements can result in penalties and legal consequences.
  • Accurate calculation of wages: Calculating employee wages can be time-consuming and complex, especially if your business has hourly employees, commission-based pay, overtime, or other variable compensation structures, the payroll process will include using a range of employee data as well as referring to payroll records. A payroll solution can ensure that wages are calculated accurately and promptly, which can help you avoid disputes with employees.
  • Record keeping: Payroll services can help you keep accurate records of employee wages, tax deductions, and other payroll-related information. These records can be used to track employee performance, evaluate business profitability, and comply with legal requirements.
  • Employee satisfaction: Timely and accurate payment of wages is essential for maintaining employee satisfaction and retention. By payroll outsourcing, you can ensure that employees are paid on time and that their wages are calculated correctly.
  • Focus on core business activities: Outsourcing payroll services can save you time and allow you to focus on your core business activities. This can be especially beneficial for small business owners who are already stretched thin and need to maximise their productivity.
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Why Choose Direct Payroll Services?

Any company needs to have a dedicated payroll manager or payroll system in place for processing payroll, but doing so can be difficult and time-consuming. You can be confident that your payroll is in capable hands by selecting Direct Payroll Services. We are dedicated to giving you the best service available and have the experience, knowledge, and resources to handle all of your payroll requirements. Contact us right away to find out more about our payroll solutions, there are numerous benefits, here are some of them:

Experience: We have a wealth of experience and have been working within the payroll industry for a very long time, with this in mind we also have years of knowledge to draw on.

Expertise: Our team includes a number of payroll professionals and experts who understand everything there is to know about payroll, with this in mind we are able to provide both an accurate and efficient service.

Customisation: We understand that every business is different, so we provide a bespoke solution to help meet the specific needs of you and your company.

Security: Security is a measure that is taken very seriously at Direct Payroll Services and we ensure that we use advanced security measures to protect your information.

What We Offer

At Direct Payroll Services we specialise in offering a wide range of most payroll services and payroll tasks to businesses across London and the UK. As a payroll service provider, we offer:-

Payroll processing

We will calculate and process your payroll solutions, making sure that all of your employees are taken into account, including their salaries, bonuses, any deductions and other factors.


We also make sure that your payroll is compliant with the relevant laws and regulations, this includes taxes, pensions, and other payroll costs and benefits.


Our team provides detailed reports on your payroll processes, including employee records, payroll summaries, and compliance reports.


We offer ongoing support and assistance to help you navigate any challenges or issues that may arise.

For Small Business Payroll, Contact Direct Payroll Services Today

When it comes to outsourcing your small business payroll, make sure that you consider a professional company like Direct Payroll Services. It’s our aim to save you time, money, and hassle with our payroll systems, we also aim to give you access to all of the expertise and knowledge that you need. We are payroll outsourcing experts, there’s really no need to look any further, for more information, make sure that you contact our team today.

We can always be on hand to help you to learn more about our managed payroll services and how we can help your small business with our payroll services. What’s more, is we are always ready and waiting to take your call and help in any way we can. For the best payroll service, call on our services today.

Move Your Payroll Today

Outsourcing your payroll functions is an easy way to improve the efficiency of your business. As one of your most critical processes, it’s essential that your payroll always runs smoothly.